Our Speakers

Bruce Lawson

Bruce Lawson (MC)

He’s English, he’s Opera’s Deputy Chief Technology Officer, he’s THE web development punkrocker and he will be our MC for the evening. Bruce has been involved in making the web a better place since the late 90’s, he has been contributing and creating web standards since 2002 and co wrote the first book on HTML5.

Amelia & Anders

Amelia Andersdotter & Anders Jensen-Urstad

Amelia and Anders together have many years of experience in data protection and web development. Amelia is a former member of the european parliament and worked on the data protection reform, while Anders has been developing the web professionally for a large part of his life. Now they work together to improve privacy conditions on the web, and ensuring that as many web site manager as possible have simple conceptual and technical paths to respecting other people's right to identity.

Oliver Schwarz

Oliver has been developing websites and applications for ages—at least that’s how it feels. Born in 1970, he witnessed the boom era of computers and participated in the dawn of the www. He likes his web to be open and technologies to be trustful. He loves good software architecture and clean code and strives for simplicity wherever possible. Today he works as an Enterprise Architect at Vaillant Group at the future of information technology. He lives in the Cologne area with his family and likes to throw in a run into the countryside early in the morning.

Stéphanie Walter

Web and UX Designer, mobile enthusiast, geeky pixels lover. She designs sites & apps with users in mind, so she decided she might as well speak and write about it. She’s one of the crazy people who sees CSS and HTML as design tools and who wants to fill the gap between designers and developers.

Charlotte Spencer

Charlotte Spencer does code and people things for Marks and Spencer. Their goal is to make the web a more accessible place for everyone in terms of both technology and culture, and works extensively in open source for projects like Hoodie and Your First PR to achieve this. Their greatest skill is finding the perfect emoji for any situation.

Stephen Hay

Stephen Hay

Stephen is a popular speaker on the subjects of CSS, web accessibility, (web)design and open web standards. He has published several articles on these subjects, as well as a book on web design workflow. He´s the Senior UX Design Lead at Catawiki